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Struggling to produce perfect content? Relax, it just needs a solid content mission

Struggling to produce perfect content? Relax, it just needs a solid content mission

Your content might seem interesting with all correct elements but can still fail to connect and sell. Your writing style and marketing strategy might not be the real culprits. Blame it on a missing “Content Mission” statement!

One of the quotes that took digital world by storm goes like this “Content Marketing is a long term relationship. It’s not a one night stand.” As cheeky as it may sound, it commands attention of the content creators and marketers alike. The frills and fancies of great looking content may last momentarily, but if you want your customers to stick around, you need content that persuades them to give desired reaction or action. And how to achieve this output? By defining it’s reason for existence a.k.a content mission.

Content Mission answers the critical “Why” before “What”. In todays’ age where everyone wants to be seen and read everywhere, we forget to factor in the following realities:

    • What do we want to achieve from the content?

(Get more followers, generate leads, brand awareness, promote products/services etc.)

    • Who is our target audience?

(Demographics in terms of age, geography, gender, interests, persona etc.)

    • Why will they care for our content?

(What need of theirs are we addressing/how will they benefit from our content)

    • What action we are expecting our audience to take once they are done reading the content?

(Subscribe to blogs, signup for offers/free trials, join newsletter/email list, make appointment, buy your products/services, give referrals/reviews etc.)

Content Mission is not a swanky thing to have with all possible jargons to impress the bosses at work, but it is a functional tool that allows your content to go that extra mile and generate return on investment for your business. A content that links to your business strategy and target customers but not the “end goal” of writing it, can well go down the drain.

Content Mission – How it helps your brand and business?

Having a crystal clear content mission attracts the high quality leads and reduces the cost per lead, as the content becomes the perfect solution to their pain points and the effort to attract them reduces to great extent. Also, with the social media and search engine algorithms becoming smarter, it becomes imperative to have content that is inspiring, helpful and that tells the brand story uniquely.

When thoughtful content strategy or mission backs your writing, it can aid in achieving the following results:

    • It fuels commercial success: Businesses primarily market the content to attract and retain customers. If you are able to generate interest and motivate action from your patrons via influencing content, it translates into business numbers. In this case, content marketing is not just empty, last minute exercise but a planned drive to elicit desired response.
    • It saves time: One of the crucial costs in marketing, the time to produce and distribute content gets slashed drastically. Also, it is time consuming activity to prioritize one content over the other from a swarm of ideas. Thanks to content mission you can make a schedule of content categories you would write, time of its publishing and target group you would be addressing via channel X, Y, and Z.
  • It brings in-house alignment: When multiple individuals/teams are involved in delivering high quality content it becomes essential that everyone be on same page. A well-drafted and widely communicated content mission minimizes or eliminates the need for revision, conflicts or mid-course corrections as all those who are involved know what the content attempts to achieve and how.

A good content mission statement helps writers and editors to work within a uniform framework and come up with ideas that have a single tone related to the mission. It gives editors the power to say “NO” to content with valid reasons if it drifts away from the mission elements. As per the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, marketers who document their content mission are much more likely to ensure success of their marketing efforts.

Content Mission – Some Essentials to Focus on

    • Content Mission works. Agreed. But it also has the potential to tank. Surprised? Content mission is no good if it is not tied to the brand story or company’s vision statement. These two are mutually dependent for their success. Absence of strong correlation between brand story and content mission results in fragmented, non-focused and very here-and-now solutions for customers.LinkedIn in their bid to increase the users’ social network time spend on their site, launched “LinkedIn Today” that has the mission of providing custom content experience (What) to its users (Whom) by bringing top socially curated content specific to their industry (How).


    • The best part about content mission is that it is not sacrosanct. You can test it for commercial success and revise it basis the performance of content on various channels. Vice versa is also true. The content mission can help you to derive KPIs or assessment metrics to determine the success of your content.


    • Like all commendable mission statements, the content mission too should aspire for a specific and achievable goal rather than going overboard with generic superlatives like “be the best company” “success like no other company”. Also while highlighting your strengths in your mission it is safe to be realistic rather than going berserk with self-praising


    • Content Mission can become a tool for engaging the team emotionally as it becomes publishing content with a purpose. Hence, use all opportunities to ingrain the mission in minds of the marketers, writers and editors through website, blogs, posters, having a mission logo or getting the mission printed on various office accessories and stationery.


By running each content type in relation to the mission, companies can avoid marketing disasters and financial wrecks. Ultimately it should tell the target audience how your company could address their unmet need and how is it better than the competitors (Unique selling features or points) backed by customer testimonials and evidences.


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