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We go where no digital marketing company has been before. Our 360-degree digital strategies will send your site into the stratosphere, with web development, SEO solutions, mobile marketing and consulting that will change the way you market your brand forever
digital marketing, website design, mobile marketing, mobile app development, search engine optimisation
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Our Services: What We Do

We've been doing web design and marketing for more than ten years so we know what works - and what doesn't! Contact us today and change the way you market your company on the web.
Creative Design

Creative thinking & design

Creative ideas from an award-winning idea powerhouse At Flynaut, we are creative and nimble.
That allows us to bring you the  most innovative solutions first. Be it web development, SEO solutions,  mobile marketing or consulting, we help you enjoy the incredible  advantages of being first movers in your domain.
Because we cover the full spectrum of creative services, we can step in at any    stage and make a measurable difference to your online presence.  Read more

Web Development & Ecommerce

Our clients choose us not because we are an award-winning web development agency, but because we’re awesome and affordable. We like to specify and build simple, personal, and elegant multiplatform web applications. And that’s why brands trust us with their most valuable digital assets.
Welcome to a whole new way of monetizing multiplatform web applications. Read more


Website Development & Ecommerce
Internet Marketing

SEO, Analytics & Online Marketing

A good digital marketing strategy entails attracting more customers and converting them. We help you kick both goals with a masterly crafted digital footprint. Stop waiting around for prospective customers to find you. Go out there and lead them to you instead.
We help you get from boring to brilliant with our full range of data-powered digital marketing services spanning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Web and social media analytics
  • Online and social media marketing
Ready to take your brand forward online? Get in touch with us at [email protected] Read more


Thinking outside the box

There are a thousand ways to reach your goal. But there’s only one that strikes the right balance between speed, savings, and success. Our strategic consulting services steer your brand through the chaos and set you up for success.We help you make smarter decisions on
  • Website design and development
  • Branding your business
  • Projecting your story and choosing your voice
  • Marketing your website in a labyrinth of channels
  • Creating and managing a mobile presence
Ready to roll? Let’s talk strategy [email protected]Read more.


Think Outside The Box
Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

It’s cool to have a mobile app for your business. But how do you fully monetize it? How do you take direct control of the data your app is supplying? At Flynaut, we show you how.
Our mobile app development services for handheld and wearable devices represent the apex of mobile and UX technology. And our team of mobile app developers excels in rolling out stable, feature-rich, and highly responsive mobile applications. Developed on an agile development framework, our apps drive incredible results across Android devices, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and more.
Ready to set your ideas in motion? Let’s talk about the best mobile app strategy for you at [email protected]
Become The Go-To Resource In Your Niche, A Market Leader And A Better-Known Brand Today!